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About Alexandrian Defense Group

Welcome to Alexandrian Defense Chronicles, your guide to current counterinsurgency issues. The Chronicles are published monthly by the Alexandrian Defense Group, LLC.

Alexandrian Defense Group (ADG) is an assembly of leaders in the arena of Counterinsurgency (COIN) Intelligence and Education. We collect, analyze, and distribute the most current insights pertaining to a subject vital to national and regional defense planning. Not satisfied with the mere recapitulation of raw facts and unconfirmed observations, ADG's team of military and cultural analysts bring you broad-based, multifaceted impact studies that may be incorporated into meaningful contingency planning. We believe that effective COIN is a blending of strong tactical knowledge of our adversaries and enlightened philosophical understanding of their thinking.

In each issue, we will present The Gordian Knot special interest section. In the current issue, Dennis Dickson introduces the Gordian Knot concept through a thought-provoking article sure to hold your attention and imagination.

Ken Williams leads off the COIN in History section with a discussion on counterinsurgency in the Civil War. This three-part article traces Civil War COIN from its prewar beginnings through the postwar rise of the Ku Klux Klan.

Corresponding from Afghanistan, Mike Williams presents a study on Human Dynamics as part of his ongoing work on Human Terrain Analysis. From "The Importance of Human Dynamics in Future U.S. Military Operations" to the technology of Human Dynamics Databases, Mike presents a comprehensive overview of this vitally important, emerging technology.

Read all of this and more as we present this first issue of the Alexandrian Defense Chronicles. Once again, welcome aboard.

Geoff Shaw
President, Alexandrian Defense Group, LLC.

Alexandrian Defense Group, LLC