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Fictional writing has always been an effective medium through which hidden truths can be more readily ascertained, truths that are not necessarily accessible in a factual account of history unless one is very well-trained to discern such gems, of course. For the study of insurgencies and terrorism and their counters, fiction has always been a way or means through which deeper meaning have been revealed. Those who are familiar with the literature covering the Vietnam wars, for example, found a stunning and eloquent power in the work of a certain North Vietnamese novelist and war veteran, Bao Ninh, who's fictional work, "The Sorrow of War," is as haunting as the ghosts his main protagonist encounters in the 'screaming' forests along the 'Ho Chi Minh Trail.' Or, one may consider the works of those novelists concerned with the machinery of actual counter-insurgency in South Vietnam: i.e., as revealed in novels such as "The Ugly American," or "The Quiet American." Indeed, one of the best books available anywhere, "The Outpost," is a fictional work that deals with the execution of sound counter-insurgency policy; for in this marvelous little novel, written by a former British Colonial Police Officer, Hedgar Wallace, we are introduced to the rude fact that it is local policemen who must break the back of guerrilla insurgencies in the field. All of this is to say that the perusal of fictional works must make up a significant proportion of any serious scholar's or soldier's study of insurgencies, terrorism and the counters to these manifestations of political violence. This section of the Alexandrian Defense Chronicles will endeavor to make available, over time, all fictional works that may help our members better discern the nature of small wars, insurgencies and terror.

Riders of the Centauri Range - [by William Stroock]

The Centauri wind swept across the Range sending ripples through the tall grass. Thinking like most 17-year olds that he was invincible, Tom Provost’s only response to the gust was to button his fur-lined jean jacket and tighten the string of his broad-brimmed hat over his chin. He did not want to give up his spot atop the ridge.

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Operation Gideon: The Israeli Strike on Iran - [by William Stroock]

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