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In this section the articles are concerned with current counter-insurgency campaigns and issues. Of course, some of these small wars have been going on for some time and with different insurgent groups at the fore, such as in the case of the Philippines or Afghanistan. Yet, they are all classified as 'COIN Today' or current counter-insurgency fights because they continue to cause blood-shed and destruction in their respective locales regardless of which group now makes manifest their predilection for violent politics.

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British Army in Afghanistan - Fourth Afghan War

Maj Agha H Amin Ret

This is a personal narrative and not a theses or a research paper sold at zero profit and in pure public interest.

This is a very personal firsthand account of British Army operations as I saw as a consultant working in Afghanistan from 29 June 2004 till to date.

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Interview with David Loyn

David Loyn is a BBC Correspondent for Afghanistan and a Fellow of the Alexandrians. Interviewed by Dr. Geoffrey DT Shaw (president of the Alexandrian Defense Group/ Key features include a discussion of Islamic State's would-be incursion into the land of the Taliban, etc.

Michael Savage Interviews Walid Shoebat

(9-23-14) on Syria Strikes & ISIS

Inside the Mind of a Young Suicide Bomber

NDS Spokesperson Lutfullha Mashal held his third news conference in as many weeks today at NDS. The ninety minute news conference took on the appearance of a courtroom. Four suspects in orange prison jumpsuits testified to reporters about their involvement in recent suicide incidents and/or the planning for attacks. One of the suspects was Mohammed Khan, 33 years-old, arrested in helping to plan the attack on the Finest Supermarket in Kabul.

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A Broad View Of Strategic Operational And Tactical Possibilities

By Major Agha H Amin (Retired)

This brief paper is a hypothetical visualization of various strategic,operational and tactical possibilities in the Af Pak Region.

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Balochistan - Land of Fear - [by Agha H. Amin]

What the Mongols, Iranians or the British could not do was done by a naive usurper in a day. Balochistan was transformed with the murder of Nawab Akbar Bugti.

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