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Col. Mike Williams USMC (R), VP

Mike is Team Leader Human Terrain Analysis Team in Afghanistan

Andy Wehrle - Assistant to Col. Mike Williams USMC (R)

Raised by a Marine, Naval Academy, Marine infantry, married a Marine, defense contractor. Most recent assignment 15 months as a mentor to Ministry of Interior, Afghan National Police. Writes from his home in Stafford, VA.

Dr. Tom Marks

Tom is head of the Irregular Warfare Department at the College of International security Affairs of the National Defense University. He is the author of Maoist People's War in Post-Vietnam Asia. He is on the editorial board of Small wars and Insurgencies (London). He is currently in Iraq. See his complete biography in the About Us section.

Carmen K. Steigman, M.D., M. P. H.

Carmen K. Steigman, M.D., M.P.H. is a pediatric pathologist and military historian. Her primary military focus is the Vietnam War with additional interests in apocalyptic terrorists, millenarian groups, and militia movements. She also has several orders of knighthood, including the Imperial Order of the Dragon of Annam and The Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus.

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