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Frequently Asked Questions

When was ADG conceptualized?
The rough idea was formulated in the fall of 2008 after Dr. Geoffrey Shaw had just delivered a series of telephone conference sessions with Canadian Forces officers heading for Afghanistan. Dr. Shaw realized that there was no central 'clearing-house' for COIN ideas in either the United States or Canada – or anywhere else for that matter.
When was the rough idea fleshed out?
The rough conception of ADG took shape as Dr. Shaw and Major Ken Williams began to discuss the possibility of creating such a COIN 'clearing-house' in February 2009.
>Where does the name Alexandrian Defense come from – what does it mean?
Major Ken Williams proposed that the 'clearing-house' be called the Alexandrian Defense Group as the name reflected that of Alexander the Greats' reputation in military history and, also, because the name held a clear reference to the ancient world's Alexandrian Library as a font of knowledge. Because of the broad historical implications of this name – Alexandrian Defense was unanimously endorsed by the foundational group of Directors in the Spring of 2009.
Who are the Founding Directors that comprise the core of the Alexandrian Defense Group?
The Founding Directors are as follows: a.) Fr. Dennis Dickson – PhD (ABD) Director – Secretary Treasurer; b.) Dr. Geoffrey DT Shaw, Director - President; c.) Major (USMC – ret.) Kenneth Williams – Director -VP Communications and Editor-in-Chief; d.) Colonel (USMC – ret.) Mike Williams – Director - First VP.
Are there any Emeritus, VIP or internationally recognized scholars in the core ADG Directorship?
ADG has a non-voting Director Emeritus in Dr. Thomas Marks – the world’s leading authority in Maoist Insurgency issues.
Does ADG have any US Armed Forces affiliation officially or unofficially?
Owing to the fact that the ADG Directorship has two Vietnam Veteran Marines, and a corporate attorney who is a Vietnam Veteran Marine – there is an unofficial affiliation with the USMC. However, ADG is not in the employ of any government or armed force (public or private).
What areas does ADG propose to cover?
ADG will cover any and all insurgencies and the counters to them in discussions online, in online lectures, in the ADC flagship journal – in short by every possible means of modern communications (yes, we will even conduct telephone conferences with officers heading to Afghanistan, etc.). We will also cover everything remotely connected to COIN for field operators and that, normally, translates into field-gear testing by our own test-operators and their subsequent recommendations. We will also have a loaning COIN Alexandrian Library instituted within the first twenty-four months of operation. The Alexandrian Library can be accessed as an ancillary support section in addition to a regular ADG/ADC subscription membership. In other words, even non-members will be able to access our holdings when the pay the ancillary fee.
What sort of articles will ADG publish and is there a required editorial direction (i.e. ‘slant’ or ‘bias’)?
We will publish any article that meets the standards of respectful professionalism as stipulated by our Editor-in-Chief. We welcome opposing views and all views that are well-written and professional. We will not publish agitprop or pamphleteer for any side in a conflict as we must maintain a professional non-bias.
With reference to the last FAQ – does this mean ADG will publish, for example, an article by a Taliban leader?
Yes, we will publish ANY article that meets the high standards of ADG’s Editorial board but we reserve the right to not publish propaganda – even well-written propaganda. For example, we will not publish an article by the latest insurgent groupings in the Philippines calling for the violent overthrow of the Manila Government. However, we will publish a properly written treatise categorizing the historical grievances or goals of such groups – if such treatise are written in a scholarly professional manner. We have no quarrel with various insurgent groups carefully and respectfully articulating their historical perspectives in continuing articles but we must draw the line at a call to arms and violence.

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