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Pierre van der Walt

Pierre van der Walt is the CEO of Pathfinder Adventure Books, which specializes in the hard copy and electronic publication of books on military history and experiences as well as firearms and hunting books for the international soldier and hunter communities. He is a happily immature South African farm boy without any wish to grow up, a useless former border war era combat officer in the then SADF, a retired lawyer of the High Court of SA, a part-time professional hunter and published author of two meaningless books and countless forgotten articles on firearms, ballistics, hunting and some military stuff. He was a founder executive, national secretary and trustee of the pro-gun group SAGA (SA Gunowner's Association) and is an honorary life member of that body, as well as the black dominated GOSA (Gunowners of SA), BASA (Big Bore Association of SA) and the Lowveld Hunter's Association for services rendered to the SA firearms and hunting industries.

He was the founder editor of SCI's Safari Times Africa, PHASA News (for the Professional Hunter's Association of SA) and the Big Bore Journal and co-owns the oldest South African firearms and hunting expo: Aim & Wild.

He represented the SA firearms community at the SA Law Commission's hearings during the writing of the South African Constitution.

He also served on pro-gun delegations of the NFA (National Firearms Forum), SAGA and SCI (Safari Club International) to the RSA Parliament, the Safety & Security Committee, the Minister of Safety & Security and the South African Police Services, during the implementation of the abortive Firearms Control Act of SA. He was further appointed by the US based World Sport Shooting Forum to represent the interests of sport hunters at the UN driven Conference on the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in West Africa in 2001, all places where his big mouth could not stem the anti-gun high-tide in politician minds.

His disillusioned claim to fame is that his unpublished research on the history of firearms ownership in the RSA has mostly been acknowledged and quoted by his opponents, Gun-Free South Africa!

He succeeded in finding a wife and getting married, fathered two children with the aid of technology and a tolerant bank manager, and is still regularly permitted into the family residence over weekends.

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