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Gear in Your Pack

Interested in having your gear tested for combat situations, then contact us at Alexandrian Defense for more information.

American Kami - Handcrafted Knives

These are the PERFECT field mess items. You know what's really cool about them? I mean, besides all the other stuff about them on the American Kami site and the fact that they're the world's most innocuous self defense appliance... They're made from scrap military and aerospace materials, so instead of taking up space in a landfill, by purchasing you also helping out with the environment.

BDS Tactical Stacker Plate Carrier Petzl - SiGNAL / e+LITE Surefire Helmet Light Brite-Strike Leatherman Skeletool X-Treme Tape MSR Dromedary Bags Extra Large American Flag Arm Patch GRIMLOC™ D-RINGS Maxpedition Rollypoly Extreme Backpack - Great for Sensitive Site Exploitation or E&E KODIAK™ GEARSLINGER™ Paragon Pack Oakley Backpack 2 oz Grenade Unit 2 oz Flip Top Unit MK-3

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