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Khukuri Knife


This khukuri was designated for soldiers serving in Afghanistan.

Blade: A typical jungle or training/combat knife shaped blade with the mounting peak slightly straightened for swift in and out draw. Unpolished so that it does not reflect.

Handle: This is a special combat handle made from white rosewood. The top front portion is raised to protect the user, ensuring the hand stays restricted within the handle. The full flat tang goes all the way through the handle which makes this a very strong knife. The tang protrudes out of the handle where a there is a hole for attaching a lanyard.

Scabbard: Black buffalo leather covered by khaki fabric.

Extras: A small straight backup knife which has been crafted stronger than the regular companion of a khukuri (karda).

Size of Blade: 10 inches (250mm)

Total weight: 750 grams.

Place of Origin: Dharan, Eastern Nepal

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