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Gordian Knot

This section constitutes the Alexandrian Defense Group's flagship academic area wherein sophisticated and disciplined learning is engaged with the complexities of discerning the dark heart or corner of violent politics where both terrorism and insurgency find their life. Accordingly, rational necessity demands that cultures, ideas and that dearest of all human needs, faith, are carefully and objectively examined. For, if one is to counter an insurgency or a global terrorist conception, such as Al Qaeda, one needs to recognize, at foundational levels, what it is that one is dealing with; this can only be accomplished through the most rigorous study and analysis. In the past, governmental attempts to 'short-cut' in this critical area have always come to grief as insurgent factions rebound and fire up again as a result of an intellectual failure to truly come to grips with what they are. ADG has been most fortunate in having at its disposal several internationally recognized experts who well discern the critical nature of such study, academics such as Dr. Tom Marks and Dr. Mark Moyar, for example. Likewise, this good fortune continues in the fact that Fr. Dennis Dickson brings a most rigorous and disciplined mind, trained at the doctoral level in human psychology, to this prestigious and most necessary section.

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The Book of Mozilla - Hidden Messages in the Operations Process - [by Dr. Terry Tucker]

It is "historically" common to compare "now" with "then" in the operations process and many of the analogies we use have an irresistible allure.

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Criminalizing the Female in Swat - [by Khalid Aziz] Text of Remarks by Prof Kishore Mahbubani at the International business Council of the World Economic Forum in Geneva on 27 August 2010. DSR 2011: Workshop A Soldier of Democracy Counterinsurgency's Gordian Knot

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