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Trent Blair

Trent Blair holds a Masters Degree in Unconventional Warfare from American Military University. He currently serves in the United States Air Force.

William Stroock

Will Stroock has a Master's degree in American Revolutionary Studies from American Military University. He writes on various military topics, from ancient warfare to the war on terror. He has published in several magazines including Strategy & Tactics, Military Heritage, and History, among others. His novel about the First Gulf War, A Line Through the Desert, may be purchased at Amazon.

Major Agha H. Amin

Major Agha H. Amin is a private contractor living in Kabul. He spent twelve years in the Pakistani army, serving in several tank squadrons before teaching at the Armor School. In 1992 he became the Officer Commanding of the 5th Independent Tank Squadron. He retired as a squadron commander after his independent squadron was redesignated as 14 Lancers in November 1993. Amin studied at Forman Christian College and at Pakistan Military Academy Kakul. Amin has published four books, and written extensively about the India-Pakistan conflict.

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